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The foundations for The Taste of Europe were laid more than 125 years ago with the creation of the Koutsioukis family sourdough

Our Story

A Taste Of Europe has evolved over four generations of tradition and growth, using the same techniques passed down through the family, creating a wide variety of artisan breads and pastries that are on offer today. Franchisor Fotios Koutsioukis’s family originally from a small village in Greece, have handed down their family’s recipe for sourdough “Fradzola” and introduced it to the Australian public in 1991 and due to over whelming demand were soon baking and selling over 400 loaves a day.

After finishing high school Fotios went straight to work in his father and uncle’s Sydney bakery in Hurstville, where he first started dreaming of his yet to be named Taste of Europe concept. Detailed Information for Australia Fotios expanded the family business into the wholesale market opening their manufacturing and production factory and increased their turnover by 50%. Fotios set off for Europe in 2001 where he spent time in Sweden, Denmark and Greece, working and researching bakeries, as he still had the idea of what he wanted to do and needed to spend time turning it from an idea into a real concept.

On returning to Australia Fotios set about finding the right site and fit out to open his visionary “bakery patisserie café” and in 2003 he opened the first Taste of Europe Bakery Café outlet in Sydney’s Double Bay. Fotios goal has always been to grow the brand and concept, which has brought him to the franchise model and more, where he can share his dream and passion for quality European products and traditions with others.

With the family traditional bread making origins painted on the walls, Taste of Europe takes you on a journey away to a little European mountain village where their famous artisan “Signature” bread was first perfected over four generations ago. Whether you are craving the espresso shot you had in Rome or that quiche Lorraine from Paris, the Taste of Europe glass cabinets house freshly baked breads, rolls, cakes, tortes, biscotti, soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pies, pizzas, pastas, quiches and frittatas daily.

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