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Coffee Addict Tea* Organic


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  • Coffee Alternative
  • Liver Detox
  • Stimulating & Stabilising
  • Enhance inner health and balance
  • Add a spring to your step

Coffeelike taste, yet is caffeine free to help you break the coffee habit… this tea can also be enjoyed with milk.

A Stimulating, yet stabilising alternative to caffeine that will add a spring to your step. Complex yet perfectly balanced, smooth and satisfying. This tea has a freshly brewed aroma that will soothe your strongest coffee cravings. Coffee Addict Tea will get you through your day without compromising your health and inner balance. 

Roasted Dandelion root for liver detox, ginseng gives you stamina and Native Wattleseed gives it a true rich flavour. 

Note: Every cup of tea will provide you with 10% of your RDI of iron, add a slice of lemon to this tea to achieve an even higher absorption.

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