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Slayer Expresso 2 Group


Slayer is a professional espresso machine, built to defy the highest demand and thrive under the command of the world’s best baristas. It offers unlimited steam capacity, ultimate temperature stability, and unmatched control of the extraction process. This is what keeps it all going. It’s features include glass touch screen UI, variable flow rate with precision needle valves, Personalised steam pressure with PID and much more.


Additional information

WEIGHT 90.7 / 122.5 kg
DIMENSIONS (W, D, H) 787, 559, 432cm / 101, 559, 432 cm
GROUP NO 2 / 3 Group
VOLTAGE 240 / 240 V
POWER 6300 / 8000 W
BOILER 7.4 / 12 Lt

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